Istanbul, Turkey: short essential traveler guide


Turk Telekom has at the moment the most affordable prices for prepaid internet.
You can buy the sim card in the airport. Next time that you will be recharging will cost less than a new sim card.
Internet expires after one month of the last recharge.
The sim card expires after three months of the last recharge.
Okay speeds: 9 Mbps Download 1.5 Mbps Upload.

Türk Telekom 295 TL 25 GB
Vodafone 349 TL 20 GB
Turk cell 400 TL 15 GB


Exchanging euros or dollars will be easy.
Most of the time, you get the official exchange rate.
This is the best place to exchange money:
Çetin Döviz
(0212) 252 64 28

WITHDRAWING – HSBC Bank does not charge you any commission for withdrawing from ATM.

Revolut is the best online bank to withdraw without commissions and for travelers´ insurance.


Istanbul card automat. On the left it accepts credit cards too.

Istanbul card is the best way to commute in Istanbul.
It will be accepted on all transportation in the city (bus, trains, metro, tram, ferry)
You may need cash to charge it. Just a few recharging kiosks accept cards.
Unfortunately, the mobile app does not work.

Google maps works perfectly for public transportation in Istanbul.

In the night, there are some night busses that you can see on Google maps.

There are also little cheap busses that go from one area to the other, mostly near transportation hubs. For example from Taksim square to Kadıköy ferry terminal. You can pay those only with cash.


  • Sahlep, kind of Turkish cappuccino
  • Pide with mushrooms, tukish version of pizza
  • Lentil soup
  • Turkish delights, typical sweets
  • Patlayan (pop) chocolate (with bomba)
  • Menengic coffee (alternative to cofee)


Did you know that there is night train from Istanbul to Sofia?

It works every day, with departures at 20:45 from Istanbul Halkali train station.

It arrives in Sofia at 9:00AM.

It has only the option for beds and it costs 37 euros (2023).


There are no particular dangers in Istanbul except the traffic and the not too well maintained sidewalks.
Avoid to shop in the bazar, it’s extremely expensive, and they overcharge tourists all the time.

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2 thoughts on “Istanbul, Turkey: short essential traveler guide

  1. I would add that the touristic center is in the European side: Taksim or Şişhane metro stops are good locations if you want to visit the historic sights
    But if you want a more local experience and a hip location to stay at, you should consider Kadıköy

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