World Naked Bike Ride SAT. 24.07.2021 Helsinki – Bare as you dare = be Great in FINland FUNland!

Let’s start with some cyclonudista mottos

One less T-shirt!

Less gas, more ass

Car-free = Carefree

Infinite miles per gallon!

Can you see me now, driver?

Prudery won’t save the planet — bikes can!

Travel lightly – leave your cars and clothes behind!

No more blood, no more oil, no more wars on foreign soil!

1, 2, 3, 4… Cars and petrol lead to war. 5, 6, 7, 8… Cars stink, bikes are great!

Stop indecent exposure to vehicle emissions

Out of your clothes and into the street

My gas smells better than your car’s!

Less dirty gases, more clean asses

Less crude, more nude

Come ASS you are!

Bare as you dare

Burn fat, not oil


Here the collection of all mottos

Which is yours? Please post it in the comments!

Ready to start riding – Cyclonudista Helsinki WNBR 2020


The Cyclonudista ride in Helsinki has been happening already since eight years; we never skipped one year.

2021 will also be an excellent year for the event, we will respect all the safety rules, but since the event consists of a (naked)bike ride, this will be easy to do.

Vitamin “D” may help with covid. Some researchers have suggested that vitamin D might be linked with better outcomes,” says the BBC.

And even if it doesn’t, it’s still a necessary vitamin for the body, and the sun is giving it for free to us cyclonudistas!

Starting point at Varsapuistikko – Cyclonudista Helsinki WNBR 2020


This year we also have flags and shirts for the ride so that the choreography will be even more spectacular.

Have a look on the webshop to see if you find anything cool to wear.

Body painting before the ride – Cyclonudista Helsinki WNBR 2020


A petition to the EU has been submitted to have more bicycles in cities. In the specific, it was requested to have fewer restrictions for ebikes.


Join now the most extravagant Many-FIEST-Action of the year!

For the EIGHTH Time in Finland!

Last year it was memorable, with the most hardcore cyclonudista coming to the ride.

Therefore we will do our fantastic ride again on the warmest day of the year!

Protesting against INDECENT exposure to cars and pollution!

Celebrating CYCLING, NATURE, Human BODY, simplicity, and FREEDOM of being (naked).

The concept is simple: we do, once a year, on the hottest, sunniest day of the summer, a bicycle tour around the city to get the town back from big motorized vehicles, shout against pollution, cars, and hypocritical prudery.

SATURDAY 24nd of JULY 2021 – 15.00
(Departure at 16:00)

@ Varsapuistikko
(close to Railway Station / Kaisaniemenpuisto)


– To manifest AGAINST POLLUTION & car culture;

– PROMOTING CYCLING, Nature & Simplicity;

But the unique reasons why YOU do it may be infinite:

you love bicycles,

you love your city,

you want noiseless means of transport,

you don’t like cumbersome and fast vehicles in the city,

you disagree with the speculations of the oil industry,

you wish to sensibilize drivers to mind the bikes.

…and because you may be an exhibitionist!

Jumping on the bikes – Cyclonudista Helsinki WNBR 2020


Varsapuistikko – next to Kaisaniemen Puisto – Kaisaniemi park, close to the main train station.

You can come from 15:00 to 16:00.

15.00 – PICNIC
We can have a nice picnic together, sharing some food, music, and funny cyclonudista stories.

We can body paint each other and decide which is the specific message—“your motto”—each of us wants to share.

Strictly on time, be ready by 18:00!

Tour map

18.00 – SAUNA (upon availability)
We celebrate the celebration in the sauna: warm & cozy!
Sompasauna, a free, anarchic, public sauna. By the sea.
In the heat and steam, we will have time to share our thoughts and feelings about the ride: what does this ride mean for each of us?

Dancing naked outside the Finnish Parliament – Cyclonudista Helsinki WNBR 2020



– Yourself,

– Bicycle, other green means of transport, or good legs to run!

You can get Helsinki City Bikes for cheap: www.kaupunkipyorat.hsl.fi/en


– Clothing

– A smile on your face,

– Any decoration that you find appropriate,

– Body painting material,

– Music instruments to play,

– A camera to record or stream pictures & videos: photographers and journalists welcome!

– Drinks and food (for the picnic),

– A blanket for the picnic,

– Towels (for sauna).

Of course, you are free to join/leave whenever you want, and nudism is not mandatory.

Re-Dancing naked outside the Finnish Parliament – Cyclonudista Helsinki WNBR 2020


On June 12th, 2004, cyclists in 29 cities across the world took to the streets of the world, mostly wearing nothing more than a cheeky smile.

It was a huge success and a huge surprise; neither the media nor the police thought it would happen. This was the world’s first international naked bike ride. Since then, it has spread to more than 70 cities around the world with thousands of participants.



The first thing to know is that it does not have any leaders, hierarchies, or even any bureaucracy. It is an event that belongs entirely to its participants. You are not only invited to participate in this event but also to take ownership of it.


You have probably noticed that there are many videos of the previous WNBR on the net.

One of the meanings of this event is to promote body freedom and to spread the word. Therefore, be aware that there will be many videos of the event on the web.

More dancing outside the Finnish Parliament – Cyclonudista Helsinki WNBR 2020


Youtube Cyclonudista Helsinki Playlist

Facebook event

CouchSurfing event

BeWelcome event

Allevents.in event

Happy ending in Sompasauna – Cyclonudista Helsinki WNBR 2020

Facebook Group

CouchSurfing Group


The Cyclonudista Shop (supporting the ride)www.cyclostore.pro

EU petition to increase the use of ebikes – *Coming Soon*

Cyclonudista Helsinki Blog – www.cyclonudista.org

Share your motto, comment, and participate in the Cyclonudista project! 

Fighting with the mafia boss´ kid from Naples. A Camorra story and a picture of Mafia Pornography.


If you are not interested in politics, politicians also will not be interested in you. 

Corruption is like cooking. If cooks, instead of using all the ingredients to prepare a meal, eat the best parts while cooking. Once the meal is ready, everyone, including who prepared it, will be deprived of a great meal just because of the egoism of a few people.

The histrory of Camorra starts, unfortunately, already more than a century ago.
Camorristi in Naples, 1906
Unknown author – anonymous drawing from Storia della camorra by Vittorio Paliotti, Newton Compton; 1. ed edition (1993), page 79


I am in a tiny room in a kind of long-term hostel. 

The room has just the space of a bed and therefore is rectangular. 

In the middle of the night, I start to feel that the room moves, I look at the window, and I see the landscape scrolling. 

I find out that the room is actually a camper, and in front of it, someone is driving and transporting it around. 

We go from Finland to Russia, and there we have some challenges to cross the border. 

Finally, once we are back, the guesthouse owner is distraught because the people driving the camper room were not supposed to do it; they were previous guests. 

A mafia man comes towards me, chasing me, I am not able to fight, I am blocked.
He points his gun to my head, and he shoots.

I wake up.

The Cuocolo trial in Viterbo. Most of the defendants are in the large cage. The three in front are (from left to right) the priest Ciro Vitozzi, Maria Stendardo, the only female defendant; and Enrico Alfano. In the small cage to the right is the Crown witness Gennaro Abbatemaggio.


I am just arrived at a guest house in the countryside to spend a few days here.

I get welcomed by two tattooed men; one of them is shaved on his head and has a ninja weapon on the table.

The other tells me that he is a Gipsy; he has a big knife tattooed on the arm and wants to show me the real one.

He takes me to his room, calling it ‘studio.’ Taking the knife in his hands, he sits and holds the big weapon in the left palm, starting to shake his leg and telling me about how he killed a mafia head guy in Naples.

The knife is about three hands big, and it’s cumbersome.

Short after, I discover that the stories are just coming from his mind.
This is the last fantasy story.


The only city in the world where everybody is ‘equal’: Naples. 

There, regardless of whether you have a Ferrari or a Fiat panda, it will get damaged by vandals anyway. 

The capital of southern Italy can be quite a contradictory place.

From my personal experience, since I grew up there and after lived in many different countries, I would say that Naples is one of the cities with the lowest quality of life globally.

Nevertheless, the peculiarity of this city is the ‘universal’ character regarding the quality of life. 

Mafia Phornograpy: The delinquent man in relation to anthropology, jurisprudence and psychiatry. Atlas / Cesare Lombroso. – Turin: Fratelli Bocca, 1897. – 5th ed
By Fondo Antiguo de la Biblioteca de la Universidad de Sevilla from Sevilla, España – 1014041, CC BY 2.0

In many southern cultures, the rich have a higher quality of life than the poor, with much less hassle in everyday life. 

It’s ironic that in Naples, in contrast with many other communities with similar cultures, the quality of life is low also for the rich, which will have a difficult life there too. Thus, we can ironically call Naples a genuinely egalitarian place, where all experience the same low quality of life, the same troubles, both the rich and the poor.

But of course, unfortunately, the rich will always be better off finally.

Falcone & Borsellino, two legendary persecutors killed by the mafia made by User:Vento., CC BY-SA 3.0


There is such worship of old, traditional, conservative, and ancient customs that I often feel I am not old enough to do certain things. Sometimes I think not even old enough to eat a sophisticated dish or a drink.

I am probably not old enough for Naples.

The shame of Italy, the different mafia organizations by region – Di Berria – , CC BY-SA 4.0


As a child, I grew up in three different places. Because of a series of odd coincidences, there was a heavy presence of organized crime, in all of them!

In the yard down my home, I used to play football with other kids from the neighborhood. 

Unfortunately, and inevitably, a few of these kids belonged to mafia families.

My sister had the same problem. Two daughters of the local mafia boss wanted to be her best friends. So, therefore, whatever she would do, they would always try to be with her.

There was a ballet school where my sis enrolled. The two mafia babies joined it, too, just to be with my sister.

My father would always warn us to avoid spending time with these kids, not because they were bad, but because some rival criminals may shoot the wrong person during a “resa dei conti” (‘account settling’). 

I often had nightmares of being involved with some local gang.

I was about 11yo when I was playing football right below my building.

The mafia boss’s kid played with me, he lived in the building in front of mine, and we would often play together.

There was a dispute about the game, as it often happens while playing among kids. And as it often happens around Naples, these disputes end up in little fights.

We start pushing and pulling each other, ending up punching, kicking, and scratching.

It’s funny how, after a fight like this, you feel exhausted, so tired that you don’t even remember the reason why you started to argue.

Piromalli was among the top leaders of the Calabrian mafia together with Antonio Macrì who controlled Locride and Domenico Tripodo, who controlled the Reggio Calabria area. Piromalli, also called Don Mommo, had control over the Piana di Gioia Tauro.
Di TELEFOTO ANSA – Archivio foto l’Unità


When you are a kid, you are often scared, even of the most little things. Imagine living, studying, playing, and fighting with people involved with Camorra.

My crime nightmares were really common; their end would always be about someone shooting at me; after that, I would wake up.

One mafia death a day is the this region’s toll; once we have even seen a body lying on the ground on the highway. We were scared even to call the police.

One day, my sister went to buy some food in a nearby restaurant, one kilometer from our house. 

As she left the place and walked 400 meters, she heard several shootings. 

The day after, reading the news, we got to know that the restaurant’s owner was killed by organized crime. 

Image extracted from page 290 of volume 2 of Usi e costumi di Napoli e contorni descritti e dipinti.,
by BOURCARD, Francesco de. Original held and digitised by the British Library. Copied from Flickr.
Pasquale Mattej, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Down my home, I cross in the street the kid which I was fighting with. Now he is, obviously, not a kid anymore, as nor am I.

We talk for a while without arguing; he tells me that he works in a restaurant now, proposing to take me on a motorbike to show me where his restaurant was.

I get a flashback of when, in the center of Naples, a con-artist said the same thing. This person told me that he used to do criminal business, but then he changed path, and currently, he was working in a shoe shop.

He proposed to show me the shop, I accepted, and there was the trick.

Once in the middle of nowhere, in the most dangerous, criminal, and hidden little streets “vicarielli” of Naples, he extorted me money, showing me even a knife.

This time is different; this time, I have often spent time as a child with this mafia-born guy. 

This time, I learned much more information about my counterpart, and he is my neighbor.

Also, this time, I accept the proposal because I am curious and maybe a bit naive.

He takes me for about three kilometers on a scooter. We pass in front of the restaurant where he works and then he asks me something.

The question is: “I heard you know how to repair computers. Do you want to repair mine?”

Viterbo, Abattemaggio in court, Camorra Trial, Italy
By Bain News Service, publisher – Library of CongressCatalog
Image download Public Domain


I am considering his request, taking into account that he told me he is working in a restaurant, not following the wrong path of his father. 

Indeed, he is not involved with Camorra anymore because other people in the neighborhood tell me the same, confirming his statement.

One of the numerous proposals for the localization of Sodom and Gomorrah (the caption is wrong, since it indicates “Camorra”).
By Il Sindaco del Giappone - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Even though there is an “omertá” epidemic–conspiracy of silence–people talk about the mafia among each other in this Italian region.
In the end, everybody knows who are the Camorra guys and what they do. Institutions and police know it too; it’s just that they don’t work correctly.

Thinking that there is nothing wrong with helping your neighbor fix his pc, I accept the proposal since he is not a criminal.


His house is right in front of mine; from my window, I face directly to his window, at some 300 meters of distance.

Since I was a child, my parents and siblings constantly told me about those particular neighbors we had in front of us.

They told me to avoid them at all costs. That their home looked the same as ours from the outside, but the inside was quite different.

I was curious to know how his home was arranged and if all voices about them were real.

Both my and his building were municipal accommodations for people escaping the heartquake. His apartment, from the outside, except having fancy sun curtains and a dark aura, was identical to mine.

Peppino Impastato as a kid walking with the father and the local mafia boss.
Peppino grew up in a mafia family but had the courage to fight against the crime.

I go up the stairs of his building, and I look at my home from there; I have a weird feeling of a kind of deja vu, or maybe I am just surprised to see my house from the opposite symmetric perspective looking like exactly his house. 

It’s almost like I am now the bad guy, looking at the good guys from there.

Even before entering the apartment, I spot security cameras and an enormous, massive safety gate. Features that I have never seen in any other apartment in this area.

I pass through the gate; it’s almost like the airport security check.

Once inside, I see what I have always imagined:

  • Marble.
  • Expensive furniture.
  • Monitors to view the cameras.
  • The mother.

The mother greets me while I enter. I get to the computer, and I do my best to repair it.

I don’t spend too much time at his place, it seems that we both have things to do, so I leave soon after the fixing.

Peppino Impastato – was an Italian political activist who opposed the Mafia, which ordered his murder in 1978.


“La mafia è una montagna di merda”

Peppino Impastato

Peppino was also the neighbor of a mafia man.
He also disliked the mafia.
The only difference between him and me is that he was an anti-mafia activist, while I am not, unfortunately.

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