BE-CYCLO Workshop

BE-CYCLO Bicycle self-repair Workshop & Art Cafe


Bicycle Self-Repair?

Share or Find a Bike Garage Nearby.

Cycle DIY Workshop’s Social Community with benefit!

Introducing BE-Cyclo

a Worldwide Community of Garages-Workshops Sharing

Share your Garage with someone who needs it and you both are happy

It’s like CouchSurfing or AirBnb, but for Bicycle Repair Garages : you choose how and when to offer the garage to someone like you.

If you have any kind of garage suitable for reparations, or need one, YOU ARE ONE OF US!

You can call it airbnb for garage repair,  peer-to-peer bicycle cooperative (“bike coop”), cyclo co-operative from locals (“wheel co-op”), mini bicycle kitchen, bicycle garage internet collective, shared bike community online, workplace fix-it shop, repair cafe’ at home…

BE-Cyclo, BE-Social, BE-Welcome…

…BE-musical: REfuse, REduce, REuse, REpair, REcycle!

Share your garage to let someone repair a Bike or more…

While cycling on the planet I understand how hard it is for a traveler to find a place where to rest, repair (the bicycle, the bag, saw clothing…), chill-out and get some comfort in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere.
All in one place. One place for all.

Soon Online…

Collaborate in our Vision Online Collective: Be-Cyclo Workshop Facebook Group!


The BE-Cyclo Community it’s intended to support and encourage people for DIY Repair & to be Social for who’s has no place where to stay.

Promoting and connecting in network Bicycle Workshops (DIY Repair, Art’s handcrafts & even hand made Theater costumes!), and when possible, offering a basic Shelter / Chill- out space.


  • Cycling & Recycling – for bikes, saving materials, energy, efforts. Sharing knowledge
  • Social – helping each other, starting for who needs the most. Reducing homelessness
  • Peer-to-peer exchange, from me to you
  • Arts (Theater, Music, Arts) – When possible the workshops supports Art’s too, as place where to create or perform (in case of bigger spaces).





  • Workshop Bicycle Self Repair – Google Map – a map of the worldwide DIY no-profit Workshops with volunteers.
  • Bike Kitchen – Search on google for “Bike Kitchen” nearby you, or create one!
  • Repair Cafe an event to repair yourself your stuff. There is no fix location, each event is just for one kind of item to repair;




Bike Libraries (search it on Google)

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