Coronavirus canceled flights: How to get a refund and compensation for cancellation

By EU law 261/2004, ALL passengers—also the ones with non-refundable tickets—are entitled in a full refund in case the airline cancels the flight. There is also a COMPENSATION AND EXPENSES REFUND (transport, food, drinks, hotel) in case the flight was canceled 14 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE.

A non-refundable ticket does not mean that, if the company cancels your booking, you are not entitled to refunds or compensations.

A non-refundable ticket means simply that if the PASSENGER wishes to cancel the flight for his own reasons, he gets no refund.

Usually, you should apply for those refunds directly to the air companies, not to the agencies—in case you have booked with an agency–.

There will be two forms on the airline website, one for REFUNDS and another for COMPENSATION.
In case you don´t find the forms, write to the airline and ask them via email.

If the company does not reply within six weeks after applying for a refund or writing to them, you can ask the national flight authority to step in, each country has its own flight authority. You should contact the flight authority of where the flight departed (or in alternative, where the flight landed).

One other step once can do to get a refund for the ticket price (not compensation) is to make a claim to the bank, which he used to pay.

The national EU support may also help you, you should contact the EU support of the European country where you are living:



Remember to leave a review to the airlines so that other passengers can make an informed decision.

There are several ways to review them. You can use, for example, TrustPilot or MyWot.

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