Finnish national newspaper Helsingin Sanomat writes about my lifestyle

On the beach in Helsinki during the summer
On the beach in Helsinki during the summer

In this article they talk about my sleeping place (the forest), the article is quite spiced up and on the pictures I look like a refugee.ä+ja+makuupussi/a1408075811074

Want to know the “interpreted” things that I said? :

There it looks like the only reason why I sleep in the forest is because I don’t want (or can’t) pay a rent in Helsinki, which is not the reason, but of course one more benefit of sleeping in the forest.
Is not the high cost of housing that driven me to sleep in the forest, I do it cause I love the nature, and trees.
Also I didn’t say the forest is my house, I said my house is where I am.

When I said: “People do not believe me when I tell that I sleep outdoors. They provide immediate assistance and

​ offer to host me.” I also continued by saying that
​”​not always I accept their offer to host me, because I like to be between trees
​ and as close as possible with the earth​” – text which was cutted off in the article.


Of course the fact stays that in Finland (for sure in the center of Helsinki) prices for housing are quite high and people that can’t afford a place have big problems during the winter.

I wanted to comment on the website but they quite censured me, my comment never showed up.

I aslo contacted them afterwards but I received no answer.

conclusion: never trust the mass media, get your information by yourself.

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