Who is a pessimist? Food wasted by supermarkets


A pessimist is an bad informed optimist.

For a pessimist this is trash, for me is food.


Supermarkets trash about the half of what they sell, they could sell it last minute for much lower prices or give it to charity organizations and get some governmental benefit, but nobody cares.



We should do something against this.

There is not such a right to trash, to make food, and things, there have been used resources, work, energy with the relative pollution.

Nobody has the right to indiscriminately waste stuff.


Froodly is great answer to food waste.

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2 thoughts on “Who is a pessimist? Food wasted by supermarkets

  1. ciao 🙂 we met in front of the bike shop. I dont find where to write you an email, so pls send me an answer via email if you dont want to publish it for everyone. At whcih place in Helsinki i can do dumbster diving? i didnt find any until now, everything closed.
    pls let me know


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