Minimalism, essentialism: this is my bag, all I have, all I need

Bag with bag's content on the floor
All the things I have


While playing theater I learned that less is more. One reason why I love theater is that you can apply the same principles you learn on the scene to your life.


All the things I need



I am so happy to live just with the content of this bag, this represents my biggest happiness.




Enjoying what is next to me,  enjoying what I have and what is possible to have,  this is my way of living. I mix things to get the best combination,  as I mix the cereals in my cup in the morning. 


You want to know the list of all the items inside my bag?

read my next post…

Published by CyclOrBit P

CURRENT MISSION - Cycle from Finland to Argentina, play theater, and more of all: to enjoy! ;

5 thoughts on “Minimalism, essentialism: this is my bag, all I have, all I need

  1. Reblogged this on PermaCycle and commented:
    Now this world travelling cyclist is doing it big by going travelling small! He is travelling the world to be involved in environmental movements and using his acting skills (street performances, theatre productions etc) to connect with the local community. I think this is cool, and will try as hard as possible to keep my packing light. Check him out -Jasmine.


  2. I wish I were such a minimalist in my life… Big respect to you Luca for who you are and how you live. Stay safe on the road!


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