Sex tourism or Rape? Couch-surfing horror story in Vilnius, Lithuania. A negative reference about sex-surfing that hides many things…

The aggressor

Twenty minutes of terror in Vilnius, the calm capital of Lithuania.

This man invites you to dinner, and while being polite he will…

One of those two is the suspected
One of the two men is the accused of the crime, the face of the suspected is partially covered.

This is the feedback Giedre, a couch-surfing member, wrote for the guy in the above picture:

Giedre Birzyte Reference - Couchsurfing - Luca Gentile
“GIRLS, BE CAREFUL! I am putting negative reference, so you would go and check the neutral references, before you decide to stay, host or meet him. I’ve met him shortly, he invited me for a dinner to his place. 20 minutes was enough to understand that it is better to RUN fast from this guy. Pure intuition and no evidence, but I am glad I did not stay for evidence.”

Here he is cooking, preparing the trap
The guy is in the middle.

We don’t have evidence yet, but thanks to intuition, our alert friend Giedre, could get away fast from him, lucky. Cause potentially, he could have done really horrific things…
Reports like this are quite useful for our community, we get information and we know whom to isolate, or eventually report to Police.
Let’s hope many people will be so smart, alert and investigative like Giedre to report as much as possible those cases.

In the middle the suspected guy, while eating with other couchsurfer
In the middle the suspected guy, while eating with other couch-surfers –  Host Erwin Rossen – Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Or not?

How many are our own mental fantasies and how many of those are matching the reality?

How many of those we thought were serial killer did really kill?
Do we watch maybe too many horror movies?

We are so scared and warned about strangers, but do we know that many crimes are happening within the family circles?
Do we know that it’s more likely that our best friend or partner is going to do something bad, than a stranger?

In the USA people continuously kill each other by mistake, they have all easy reach to weapons and simply because they are ‘scared’ they fire instinctively… maybe on their neighbour


Here he fakes to be asleep before attacking the polish victims - CS Host Patrik  - Belgium
Here, he may be faking being asleep before attacking the victims, three polish CSers – CS Host Patrik – Belgium

I don’t think that not knowing someone is a reason why this person is potential serial killer.
Yes, there is bad people in the world, but is not because we don’t know them that they are bad.

The creepy guy is eating while other couchsurfers are scared of him
The creepy guy is eating while other couch-surfers are scared of him, ready to run away. Or maybe the one standing could be his crime partner –  Couchsurfers Andrea Taurino and Rafael Oliveira – Helsinki, Finland

You wanted now probably the continue of the story?—Or actually the start, cause we have´t started yet.

Right!  I will write it! also because the guy who got the feedback is me—yes, I am a monster and I didn’t even realize it—.


Here the horror story continues…

Here a potential victim is drinking some unknown drinks
Here a potential victim is drinking some unknown substances with closed eyes

“I am putting negative reference, so you would go and check the neutral references… I’ve met him shortly, he invited me for a dinner to his place, 20 minutes… it’s better to run…pure intuition and no evidence” – Giedre says (the victim)
What kind of reference is that? An invite to see other references?
¨It’s better to run?¨ Run instead of…? walking?, cycling?, intuition of what?
Why she came to my place if I have such alarming neutral feedback’s?—I say (the monster)—.

This is a proof of the offender intention to arm, his expression is enough to condemn him.
This is a proof of the offender intention to harm, his expression is enough to condemn him. The victim is not aware of it, still smiling – CS Meeting in The Netherlands.

Twenty minutes of horror:

Giedre was supposed to host me, she accepted my couch-request but finally I got a good offer on Airbnb where I could have my own apartment in Vilnius (soviet union style) for a superlow price.
I invited her to have some food at my place to be thankful to her.
It took me efforts to make the food (I wanted to cook something good) and make the place look nice.

First ten minutes:

I noticed that Giedre was already behaving odd talking about the neighborhood where I had the apartment (which is the Naujininkai district in Vilnius) saying it was a place where criminals live, doing a bit Columbo style.
As she arrived, her inspection started to my apartment, almost like mr Holmes, she asked me detailed informations such as where I had this place from, if I moved the furniture myself, etc… she even looked inside personal closets and I told her: “I don’t even know what you will find in those closets cause this is not my place and I have not opened those closets myself to respect the privacy of my host” – then she stopped doing inspector gadget and started eating.

Second ten minutes:

Except her ‘high level curious behavior’, everything seemed to be back to normality once we started to eat.
I didn’t feel really offended by her previous behaviour cause I have met any kind of persons in my trips (even though someone else may get offended, especially from the inspection in the personal closets).
She was seating in front of me, about two meters far from me, on another couch, the table was in the middle of us, she was always asking quite odd and personal questions but less Clouseau style this time.
I had some bad experiences in Riga not long ago, I was starting to talk about it to her, saying: “in Riga some criminal girls tried to drug me in order to rob me…” – when Giedre stood up, said: “I want to go” – and left.

This all happened in no more than half-hour in total, no longer. Absolutely nothing more than this happened.

I felt really down, I could not understand why she did it, I got almost depression for a couple of days (especially after reading her comment) thinking something is wrong with me.

Classic pose of a perverted half naked serial killer, pretending to cook, before attacking the victim
Classic pose of a perverted half naked curly hairy serial killer, pretending to cook, searching some knives, before attacking the CouchSurfing victim

After some Facebook discussion with many people about this event, I guess that one of those applies:
– Giedre is psychologically not stable;
– She feels some feminist empathy for the criminal girls of Riga;
– She is disrespectful and has random hate for men;
– Giedre is a friend of someone who left me a neutral reference;
– No other men have ever been so polite with her, and she was shocked;
(it’s also possible that more than one of those applies)

Here the host prepares the trap, it's to against the host Thea, from Oslo.
Here the guy prepares the trap, it’s for  the CS host Thea Rostbakken, from Oslo, Norway.

In the girl’s mind, being too polite is not normal and thus equal to be creepy?
I wanted to write to Giedre, but I prefer not to contact her from the moment I am like a monster to her eyes (by reading her reference). I also think she should be the one who has to write first.
Anyway, I am open to friendly discussion, but without food!
Maybe it would be good also for Giedre and for sure cheaper than a psychologist.
I will leave negative feedback to her cause I feel pretty uncomfortable with what she did and what she wrote.
I don’t find it fair: I was polite, kind, and respectful to her, I spent efforts to make the place look nice and for the food.
She accused me ‘in general’ just for no reason, just for her mental fantasies. I really would like to know what was going on in her mind and what girls should be careful of?


An attempt to poison a whole group of CSers, in Hungary, during CS  Couchsurfing Diamond Moon tour 2013 -
An attempt to poison a whole group of CSers, in Hungary. Note the offender habit to be almost naked before the crime – during CS Couchsurfing Diamond Moon tour 2013 –

OK Giedre, you don’t know it cause you ran away after 20 min. 

Yet, I tell you a secret about me; something few people know, something, perhaps, I should feel ashamed of.

I tell you something not easy to make public in a post, something that may condemn people to the death penalty in specific regimes, a fact that may not allow me to go back to my Italian family.

 The evidence that you didn’t wait to discover:

I am a feminist too!

 And I will help you to warn all the GIRLS about the danger that they may have with such a creepy man as I am. But I will be more specific than you.

Let’s shout out the hidden truth of me, my dark side:

The attacker behaving like a friendly pizza man, before his dark plans. CS host "Martina Piantina", Spain,
The attacker behaving like a friendly pizza man, before his dark plans (look at the knifes, why there? why in the kitchen? – Also on the nose there is some white powder, he was maybe  camouflaging cocaine for flour, typical technique) CS host “Martina Piantina”, Spain,

Why not warning boys too? I do invite men as well to my place.
– Please, Girls and Boys, Men and Women, Ladies and Gentlemen. If you don’t like the behaviors mentioned above, don’t come to my place for dinner or, instead of running away, tell me that you have important business to do and leave after five minutes, it’s more polite. At least in some cultures –

He even developed some skills in pizza flying, just to confuse the ideas of the eaters...
He has even developed some skills in pizza flying, just to confuse the ideas of the victims…

I avoid feeling too much offended or thinking of others as bad, but words are stones, and thanks to persons like Giedre, in the inquisition time (or maybe still in some countries), people were burned up FOR REAL just because of ‘PURE INTUITION.’

While the pizza flies he is thinking about his next victim - CS Guest Alessandro Colombi from Milan.
While the pizza flies he is thinking about his next victim – CS Guest Alessandro Colombi from Milan.

Here the final evidence of the crime, uncovered, a video of the maniac assaulter (me) with his CS host Margaret & Pati, in Helsinki, Finland:


PS. In case Giedre may have felt some compassion and closeness to Riga’s criminal girls I was talking about, to fully inform the readers, I post the story of the criminal Riga Bar-Girls Scam I was saying to Gidre just before her exodus:




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19 thoughts on “Sex tourism or Rape? Couch-surfing horror story in Vilnius, Lithuania. A negative reference about sex-surfing that hides many things…

  1. I cannot believe someone wrote this about you. I surfed at your place and it was really cool and fun.
    I never had the feeling I should leave or that I was in danger, because you took good care of me.

    That pizza flying around looks cool. If you ever want to visit the Netherlands again, please be my guest 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Luca was on a couchsurfing canoe tour for a week in Hungary. I really cannot believe what I read here about him, and he was certainly not poisoning anyone, photo above. Six vegetarians shared the cooking that day for the group, everyone enjoyed the food. So follow your intuition but don’t make false accusations.


  3. Luca, I only know you from that bike ride in Helsinki last June. Also saw your interview in the local paper a bit later. …but I’ll fix you a couch for a few nights anytime you’re back in Finland. Will also poison you with some local beer if you like.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. We hosted Luca once, for a couple of days in Spain. I didn’t find him dangerous, or anything like that (I’m a woman), but he is certainly a bit of a weirdo. But not in a serial killer way. He just has an unusual personality. Can’t say anything bad about him, really: he cooked for us multiple times, he wasn’t making any mess, or creeping us out. However, I’m not suprised by the girl’s reaction: the flat was crappy, in a shady area, and Luca was probably acting strange, as usual, so the girl felt uncomfortable and creeped out. As a woman, you are forced to be suspicious, and not trust any men. A lot of bad things happen to us, not only rape or murder, but millions of women get kidnapped every year by human traffickers. So, I understand the feedback that she left for Luca. In my opinion, it’s just a misunderstanding.


  5. Luca!! I can’t believe you got this kind of feedback… I guess the girl just misunderstood and overreacted way too much! I’m sorry to hear this. When you stayed at my place I found you very trustworthy and honest (you also made delicious food!). You are welcome back anytime 🙂 Also happy birthday x


  6. Hilarious piece here, my fellow fan of CS (Criminal Sexmolester).
    Gotta love “the old switcheroo”


  7. This made my day! Hahahah!
    As my husband and I looking for creepy couch-surfing stories, we stumble upon your blog.
    At first, I thought it was a real creepy story and so it made my husband and I laughed so hard when we realized what is going on. This is hilarious! But we really feel sorry for you. You really sound a funny guy.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elaine and Ben, thanks a lot for your comment.
      It has been a pleasure for me to see that even if this experience was personally challenging, now, after years, this is is still the most read post of my blog!


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