Families with young and sick child are house evicted, Santo Domingo


There is chronic problem of homelessness and poverty in Santo Domingo and all Dominican Republic. The Institutions, Governments and Churches don’t have any working plan or support for homelessness, neither for disabled people.
In this story that I have witnessed today, there are few families potentially becoming homeless.


Wednesday, 9 march 2016

SANTO DOMINGO — Several families in the street protesting because they were evicted out of home situated in Calle Isabel la catolica 112,  from the magnate owner, Jose Hernando, which owns also a luxury hotel,” Hodelpa Caribe Colonial”, downtown the capital of the Dominican Republic (‘Zona Clolonial’).

Families with children, even one baby, which is sick, as they say; were sittings at the side-entrance of the Hotel,
stating to have been ‘kicked out’  the day before in a brutal way, claiming that it was not ethical —there are pictures on the net from yesterday, showing all the furniture in the street, burned up—.

I went in the hotel asking to talk with the owner to ask more informations, but he was not there.
I have emailed the hotel waiting for an answer.

Here the video

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