Foodsharing Copenhagen

People standing in front of boxes full of vegetables.

Food waste is something that should not happen. Not just because it’s a pity to waste that money, but because growing food pollutes, using precious resources and the effects are worldwide. We also can’t accept that in a society there are persons with not enough means to buy food, while others put good food in the garbage.

If you want to collaborate in this project in Copenhagen, please have a look on:



We all think that social community and sharing economy are modern concepts,it is actually not true at all. Since ancient times human community have used developed sharing systems such as give free accommodation to each other and exchange of goods. One main example it’s the hospitality traditions, which always supported helping each other and sharing.



We search, explore and go around the universe to search for other forms of life, but still, we didn’t manage to live in harmony with life we have on earth.
Hopefully, we will meet aliens just when we learned how to live with each other as humans.



How to know when tech is going against nature?
Well, one easy attitude would be to use technology to better understand and follow nature’s rules.



If your grandparents fought for your rights, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to fight for the rights of your children.


If there is food in your dish, it does not mean that there is no hunger in the world.

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