Helsinki not bicycle-friendly in the winter: What is happening in the happiest city of the world?


You should know that Finland has been awarded as the happiest country of the world .

If you have been  once in Finlnad you may also know the song “Olen Suomalainen”?
(Well, if you don´t know the song listen it below!)

No bicycle lane in Helsinki in the winter.

It’s a kind of Finnish unofficial anthem, but somehow regarded more proudly than the official one.

If you translate the song, then you see how Finnish people is strong, determined, and resilient.

Well, I don’t doubt they are, but…

…what’s happening with all that strength when it’s about cycling?

Why nobody in Helsinki is able to pedal if is not summer time?

Helsinginkatu: one of the main streets of the city. The city of Helsinki does not keep the bicycle lanes clean in the winter, not even in the most important streets. 

It seems that both institutions and citizens forget about the magic two-wheeled machine most of the year, when is not too warm.

Finland, the country that had been described as the happiest land, with the strongest folk, becames a desert of snow and lazy people in the winter, where cyclists have no rights, the bike lanes are left totally abbandoned. This is true at least for Helsinki.

Is it impossibile to cycle in the winter in Finland?

Bicycles stock in the snow in Helsinki

No. It’s actually easier than using a car, walking or even taking a bus.


If you use a bicycle, you don´t have to remove huge amounts of snow from it, as it happens with cars; you don´t have to warm up the engine, you don´t have to defrost the windows, you don´t have to worry for parking space under snow.

If you have the right tires on your bike—and there is an actual acceptable bike lane—it may be less slipery than walking. You would warm up yourself cycling. And, if you don´t want to risk to sweat, you could get an electric bicycle.

With the bicycle you don´t have to freeze at the bus stop waiting for the bus, when you don´t move, you feel the cold even more and the time passes more slowly.
If you have the right bicycle, you may be even faster than a bus and could get straight from point A to B.

These above are just my simple considerations. These are some comparations that come straight to my mind, without even doing too much research about the topic.
However, if you do want to do a research about how easy is to cycle in the winter (with the right gear and the right biycle), just do it!  I am sure that you will find more reasons why to use a bicycle in the winter.

I really can´t hope anything else than a wake up in Helsinki´s institution and residents. Let´s have a look at the cool–not too far–neighour Denmark: Copenhagen.

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6 thoughts on “Helsinki not bicycle-friendly in the winter: What is happening in the happiest city of the world?

  1. I came back because I noticed this among Your text: “lazy people in the winter”. This is not true. We Finns go to many kinds of courses in winter, for example language courses and handicrafts.

    Example of handicrafts:

    Made on courses 2018

    Quilt show 2

    Do You think that for example this bracelet can be done without winter course?

    How to make a beaded bracelet?

    How do You think that I have learnt Portuguese? Of course, going on a course. To me two winter courses were enough!


    1. I totally understand what you mean. I agree that “lazy” is a strong word, but I wanted to use it indeed to provoke reaction, and hopefully, changing.

      I am talking in the post about Helsinki, not all Finland. In Helsinki cycling in the winter is almost unknown. People really thing that it’s not possible to cycle in the winter and even the municipality agrees by not cleaning the bike lanes; this is my point.


      1. Very nice that You have noticed the difference between Helsinki and the rest of Finland. Because, was born in Helsinki and now living there after living in many places in Finland during the years, I think like being Finn, not as a citizen of Helsinki. I have travelled from the south to the north and from the east to west, nearly everywhere, so I think that I know a little of my country.

        Reading this You know what my country offers:

        About me

        Happy new week!

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