The great artist that cared more about art than his own life: Peter Kravchenko

During my travels, I have met many extraordinary human beings. By sleeping here and there, I have also witnessed often one of the most horrendous social issues: homelessness.

In Kyiv, I have met Peter, a Russian artist living in the street. 

Peter draws, writes, and creates digital art mostly during the night; In the metro or on the street, as during the day time, usually he seeks for food or medical help. 

He is in a state of abandon from society. Being extremely sick, he can’t use his legs anymore because of chronic leg ulcers, caused by diabetis, and risks to die soon, even though he is pretty young—below 50yo—. 


I met him three years ago, since then, we still keep writing to each other, and Peter keeps me posted with his (dramatic) situation. 

We have held spaces for the exhibition of Peter’s art in two libraries in Helsinki in 2019: during May 2019 at the Oodi library and in July 2019 at Rikhardinkatu library. 

Those iconic libraries are symbols of sensibilization, collectiviness, and help to people, both in Finland and in the world.

The Oodi Library especially is recognized by the international community as a masterpiece of social services to the residents and a jewel of architecture.

The main goal of art exposition is to sensibilize people about homelessness through visual art made by someone sleeping rough himself.

The exhibition displays drawings, poems, music, and videos with screen projections.







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