10+ free & affordable things to do and see in Helsinki as an unconventional tourist!

Have fun in the world’s happiest and safest city!

Fun facts about Finland

  • Saunas – Some Finns may even have two of them: a private and a shared one
  • Top for Minimum Wage and Average Salary
  • First European Country giving Women vote Right
  • The Finnish Language has the longest words you can imagine
  • Finns are the world’s biggest coffee drinkers
  • Finns don’t feel the need of filling silences
  • When Moscow invaded, little Finalnd defeated the huge soviet army in the battle of Tolvajarvi with huge losses for the invaders. This is when the Finns invented the Molotov cocktail.
  • Santa comes from the door in Finland, and the kids can meet him
  • At the world’s top for second-hand-shops number in proportion with the population, and at the same time, one of the wealthiest country on the planet
  • Tattoos, Piercings, & Skateboards are quite common
  • The highest proportion of Metal bands in the world 
  • Unique Finnish Sports: Wife-carrying, Swamp football, Beer-floating, Mosquito-squashing, Milking-stool throwing, Rubber boot throwing, Ant-nest sitting, Hobbyhorsing, mobile phone throwing
  • Linux (the OS) was invented by a Finn called Linus (Torvalds) who said about it: “just a hobby, [it] won’t be big and professional
  • One of the SMS technology pioneers was the Finnish Matti Makkonen, who said: “I did not consider SMS a personal achievement”


Töölö bay – Helsinki
  • Transportation, bikes and public transportation
  • Sauna’s , the two best ones
  • Buffet Food, (all you can eat) for a budget
  • Attractions, iconic, representative, and unmissable
  • Souvenirs, ecological and affordable
  • Going out, the coolest & most authentic places

Want to have a guided bike tour?

Here the Helsinki Airbnb Bike tour!


Baana dedicated cyclists and sport lane


One app for all public transportation (bikes, scooters, bus, taxi’s…)



5 euro day 
10 euro week 
30 euro month 

Busses in Kamppi area


The best way to buy tickets is with the app.

Helsinki Central Railway station


– Sompasauna(.fi)
Donation & collaboration-based sauna community. Which can be almost defined as a commune too.

Kotiharjun Sauna
Traditional Finnish sauna. Completed in 1928, it´s the oldest continuously working public sauna in Town.

Arla Sauna
Another authentic tradition Finnish sauna, the second-oldest public sauna in Helsinki.

– Löyly
Stylish seaside sauna with a modern, glass-walled restaurant & spacious deck.


Svarte Rudolf in Turku

In Helsinki, restaurants may be expensive, but if you eat before 15:00 (on weekdays), you may get great prices with ¨buffet¨ options (all you can eat).

My favorite buffets (<15 euros) are:

1) Caverna 15€ (Vegetarian options, Finnish and international food)

2) Itsudemo 13€ (Sushi – Vegetarian options)

3) Golden bowl 9€ (Asian food and Sushi runned by a sweet family)

4) Loving Hut (Vegan Asian, they may not have buffet during covid time) 

5) Onda Cafe 11€ (Mediterranean, vegan options)

6)Konstan Möljä 13€ (traditional Finnish cuisine) 

* Remember to double-check the openings hours

** Wondering why I have listed sushi? Well, Finnish people love sushi! 
** Wondering why I have listed buffets? Well, Finns grew up with it! 
*** Buffet, or all-you-can-eat, does not mean that one should abuse the place, overeat, or waste food. Always be considerate, like a Finn! 😉


View on Helsinki´s Opera from Cafe Sininen

The Worker Housing Museum – Free of charge guided tour in Finnish houses of 1900)

National Memorial – Winter War 1939 – Small modern artwork about Moscow invasion

Linnanmäki – Amusement park, ticket required only to use the attractions.

Keskuspuisto – Central Park

Seurasaari – Open-air museum

Sibelius Monument – The most representative musician)

Regatta Café – iconic cottage-café

Cafe sininen – Panoramic café-terrace 

Hietaniemi area Historical cemeteries, parks, and a cool beach

Lapinlahden Lähde – Exciting art gallery in a psychiatric house in a charming green area

Eira Beach Classy residential area

Parliament – Free visit by simply entering on the building’s right side, B entrance

Central library – Rated as one of the most beautiful and high-tech libraries in the world

Kampin kappeli – Mini invisible chapel

Suomenlinna Fortress island, you can simply take the regular ferry to there, it costs like a standard ticket for transportation

Kumpula Botanical Gardens Eclectic, historic, and absolutely charming botanical gardens

More Free Museums and attractions to visit on this link.


Töölö view from the Central Station – Helsinki

KALLIO (Hipster young Finnish area)

– Café Siltanen (alternative cafe)

– Café Mascot (karaoke and chill out)

many cafes can be found in the Helsinginkatu (near Sörnäinen metro).


– Tavastia (Heavy metal)

– Bar loose (rock)

– On the rocks (rock bar)

– Cafe Oluthuone Kaisla (mix)

– Molly Malone’s (Irish pub)

Yes! A lot of rock!


Helsinki City Center

Second-hand shop (with authentic Finnish articles: iittala, Arabia, Marimekko)

MadeBy Helsinki (Handmade souvenirs)

Hakaniemi Market Hall (local market)

You will find many reviews on google maps that can help you decide. 

Seurasaari – Helsinki

Enjoy your time in Finland and leave me a comment with your thoughts about this guide!

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