10+ free & cheap things to do and see in Helsinki as an unconventional tourist!

Have fun in the world’s happiest and safest city!

Fun facts about Finland

  • Saunas – Some Finns may even have two of them: a private and a shared one
  • Top for Minimum Wage and Average Salary
  • First European Country giving Women vote Right
  • The Finnish Language has the longest words you can imagine
  • Finns are the world’s biggest coffee drinkers
  • Finns don’t feel the need of filling silences
  • When Moscow invaded, little Finalnd defeated the huge soviet army in the battle of Tolvajarvi with huge losses for the invaders. This is when the Finns invented the Molotov cocktail.
  • Santa comes from the door in Finland, and the kids can meet him
  • At the world’s top for second-hand-shops number in proportion with the population, and at the same time, one of the wealthiest country on the planet
  • Tattoos, Piercings, & Skateboards are quite common
  • The highest proportion of Metal bands in the world 
  • Unique Finnish Sports: Wife-carrying, Swamp football, Beer-floating, Mosquito-squashing, Milking-stool throwing, Rubber boot throwing, Ant-nest sitting, Hobbyhorsing
  • Linux (the OS) was invented by a Finn called Linus (Torvalds) who said about it: “just a hobby, [it] won’t be big and professional
  • One of the SMS technology pioneers was the Finnish Matti Makkonen, who said: “I did not consider SMS a personal achievement”


Töölö bay – Helsinki
  • Transportation, bikes and public transportation
  • Sauna’s , the two best ones
  • Buffet Food, (all you can eat) for a budget
  • Attractions, iconic, representative, and unmissable
  • Souvenirs, ecological and affordable
  • Going out, the coolest & most authentic places

Want to have a guided bike tour?

Here the Helsinki Airbnb Bike tour!


Baana dedicated cyclists and sport lane


One app for all public transportation (bikes, scooters, bus, taxi’s…)



5 euro day 
10 euro week 
30 euro month 

Busses in Kamppi area


The best way to buy tickets is with the app.

Helsinki Central Railway station


– Sompasauna(.fi)
Donation & collaboration-based sauna community. Which can be almost defined as a commune too

– Löyly
Stylish seaside sauna with a modern, glass-walled restaurant & spacious deck.


Svarte Rudolf in Turku

In Helsinki, restaurants may be expensive, but if you eat before 15:00 (on weekdays), you may get great prices with ¨buffet¨ options (all you can eat).

My favorite buffets (<15 euros) are:

1) Caverna 15€ (Vegetarian options, Finnish and international food)

2) Itsudemo 13€ (Sushi – Vegetarian options)

3) Golden bowl 9€ (Asian food and Sushi runned by a sweet family)

4) Loving Hut (Vegan Asian, they may not have buffet during covid time) 

5) Onda Cafe 11€ (Mediterranean, vegan options)

6)Konstan Möljä 13€ (traditional Finnish cuisine) 

* Double check the openings hours

** Wondering why I have listed sushi? Well, Finnish people love sushi! 
** Wondering why I have listed buffets? Well, Finns grew up with it! 
*** Buffet, or all-you-can-eat, does not mean that one should abuse the place, overeat, or waste food. Always be considerate, like a Finn! 😉


View on Helsinki´s Opera from Cafe Sininen

The Worker Housing Museum (free of charge guided tour in Finnish houses of 1900) 

Linnanmäki (Amusement park, ticket required only to use the attractions)

Keskuspuisto (Central Park)

Seurasaari (Open-air museum)

Sibelius Monument (the most representative musician)

Regatta Café (iconic cottage-café)

Cafe sininen (Panoramic café-terrace) 

Hietaniemi area (historical cemeteries, parks, and a cool beach)

Lapinlahden Lähde (an exciting art gallery in a psychiatric house in a charming green area)

Eira Beach (classy residential area)

Parliament (free visit by simply entering on the building’s right side, B entrance)

Central library (rated as one of the most beautiful and high-tech libraries in the world)

Kampin kappeli (mini invisible chapel)

Suomenlinna (fortress island, you can simply take the regular ferry to there, it costs like a standard ticket for transportation)

Kumpula Botanical Gardens (eclectic, historic, and absolutely charming botanical gardens)

More Free Museums and attractions to visit on this link.


Töölö view from the Central Station – Helsinki

KALLIO (Hipster young Finnish area)

– Café Siltanen (alternative cafe)

– Café Mascot (karaoke and chill out)

many cafes can be found in the Helsinginkatu (near Sörnäinen metro).


– Tavastia (Heavy metal)

– Bar loose (rock)

– On the rocks (rock bar)

– Cafe Oluthuone Kaisla (mix)

– Molly Malone’s (Irish pub)

Yes! A lot of rock!


Helsinki City Center

Second-hand shop (with authentic Finnish articles: iittala, Arabia, Marimekko)

MadeBy Helsinki (Handmade souvenirs)

Hakaniemi Market Hall (local market)

You will find many reviews on google maps that can help you decide. 

Seurasaari – Helsinki

Enjoy your time in Finland and leave me a comment with your thoughts about this guide!

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