Cyclonudista Helsinki 2016 WNBR Finland 12 June – World Naked bike ride

Biking naked in the city


CycloNudista is coming soon!

Get rid of your materialistic possessions and jump on a bicycle with us!

Last event was spectacular, I remember a beautiful situation that made me so proud of being a CycloNudista: a big luxurious car—that may have costed as much as a house—stopped next to us and the driver, astonished, started to take pictures of us. I didn’t feel honored of course, but I felt the power of the simplicity. This to remember that our body is more shining than a supercar.

See you again; Sunday 12 June at 16:00

As human we love to own things, we challenge each other to whom is owning the most and we pass ownership to our offspring. With this system of accumulating and restrict resources into casts we have often huge social and wealth differences. I think this causes the main problems of our society.
Bicycles are equalizing us in a certain way. Being naked too.



Being on a bicycle make us more humble and down to earth, a bit more like animals…

The main points of CycloNudista are of course to Protest against the oil and car culture, celebrating bicycles.
While cycling naked I was thinking about how Animals also have some ‘property’ rules,which we ignore, but they are actually much more fair, sustainable and efficient than ours. For example, we kill or arm bears, or other ‘dangerous’ animals in forests, just because we don’t understand about their territories rules.
One of the simplest, and smartest at the same time, system for animals to define territory and ownership is urine, it seems something of little importance, but actually is a really smart practice.
You urinate just when you are alive, that means that from the moment you die, you have automatically no possession.

I don’t suggest you to pee on your belongings, this was just an inner thought I had making a parallel between human and animal systems. This was just a parallel between humans and animals.



Cycling, is not just nice because you are in contact with nature, get healthier and more spiritual, but also helps us appreciate simple things and the fact that we are independent.

We don’t pretend to save the world by having a naked ride around the city, but we do pretend to send a worldwide message asking more bikes and less cars.

CycloNudista is a way to get back on our roots, to be a bit more natural, at least for a day 😉









and many more cities…


CycloNudista main page:

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