What to put in your backpack for a long trip

Minimalistic 30/50L backpack

With time I am becoming more and more pragmatic, minimalist and essentialist.

Often, when I travel, I am asked: “don’t you miss your friends?”
My answer is: the people I meet on the way, those are my friends.
But actually, here is my best friend:

A BICYCLE, of course!  
And some other trip companions are:


Solar powered BackPack

I would suggest you a backpack that has at least three big compartments, with one of them fully accessible from the front side where you can put all your gadgets.

The more compartments the better, but with at least one big space for bulky things.

Sizes from 30L to 50L, you really don’t need more.


  1. Android Galaxy S (last model or previous)
  2. Rugged silicone phone case with stand (vertical/horizontal) heavy duty
  3. Tempered glass screen protector
  4. Wireless Desktop charger cradle
  5. Powerbank
  6. USB long cable fast charging (OEM)


  1. Offline dedicated gps
  2. Download of offline area in Google maps
  3. Compass app
  4. Audiobooks 30 hours  (Audible)
  5. Podcasts  30 hours (podcast addict)
  6. Falling fruit (to find free wild edible)
  7. Flashlight widget



  1. Chromebook (laptop)
    (convertible) with lots of ram.
  2. Anti-glare screen protector (if glossy display)



  1. Usb chargers x3: one with three ports (Aukey 5V6A), another with two ports and a single port one
  2. Universal travel Power adapter with 2 USB outputs
  3. Solar led light-usb power bank (small)
  4. Headphones with microphone, comfortable & good quality (to listen to audiobooks)


  1. Sleeping bag (ultralight) I am using “S15 Ultralight Quechua – Decathlon”
  2. Sleeping pad* (ultra compact) Using “(self-inflating) A100 (50×117) Ultralight Quechua”
  3. Bike repair set, including Spray tire fix, extra inner tube, adhesive Patches, mini pump
  4. Good lighter (waterproof)
  5. Cord (green, universal, small)
  6. Visit cards


Try to get things which you can use for different purposes.


  1. Shorts / Swimming pants
  2. Sport thin pants black (to use as pyjama too)
  3. Comfortable Elegant/classic pants (better tight),  not jeans
  4. Raining pants (to keep in the jacket)
  5. Thighs (black)
  6. Shirts with long sleeves (colored & dark)  x2
  7. Sleeveless shirts with large shoulders (dark) x2
  8. T-shirt white x1
  9. Neck warmer/scarf (Elastic, thin and round) band x3
  10. Head and neck sun cap
  11. Underwear x1-3 (you can wash it every time you take a shower)
  12. Socks (warm 2x thin 2x)
  13. Small microfiber towel
  14. Thin sandals (Xero shoes or Hush Puppies)
  15. Small nylon bag (to put dirty clothes etc)


  1. Jacket (waterproof)
  2. Travel money belt, where you can hide money inside
  3. Belt pouch (decathlon art. 1787447)

SHOES (Xero shoes or Hush Puppies)

Except for the sandals that are already in the bag, better to not bring a second pair of shoes. The one that you wear have to be really good:

  1. Waterproof
  2. Strong
  3. Warm for minus temperature
  4. Making you not sweat at 20°



  1. Duct tape (black – good quality)
  2. Cable ties (good quality, several sizes)
  3. Snap hooks in aluminum (small x5, big 5x)
  4. Velcro (adhesive)
  5. Rubber bands (small, strong & black)
  6. Instant Glue
  7. Silicone water bag
  8. Marker
  9. Napkins
  10. Carton board (as laptop sleeve & hitchhiking sign)


  1. Hook code locks x3, to lock all the zippers of the bag or jacket
  2. Pepper spray 2x: one by the hand while cycling/hiking another in the bag/jacket (really useful for aggressive dogs or people)
  3. Condoms (depending…)


  • Mini first aid kit, with:
  • Paracetamol, (analgesic)
  • Valerian, (for sleeping)
  • Talcid, Cinnamon or Ventilated Active Green Clay or Enterogermina (intestine cleaning)
  • Probiotics, if possible, specific for the region that you are visiting (take them before, and during, your trip)
  • Cayenne Pepper, for food poisoning (or prevention of it)
  • Perenterol Forte or Imodium, (diarrhea)
  • See more on this list for IBS and digestion issues.
  • Cosmetics: alcohol gel,  toothpaste, hand cream, deodorant

*Sleeping pad best models: QUECHUA A100 Ultralight, Micro 2 Goose Down REGULAR Compact, RECON 2 Gen II, Snugpak Softie3, Roman Palm, MICRO MCII



To avoid losing things group your items in maximum of three places and don’t leave any item by itself.
Prepare the bag the day before departure.

  1. Get a Tile (electronic tag)  to locate lost things. To hide in the backpack, wallet, passport, jacket, and bicycle.
  2. Write your email address inside your backpack on the textile.
  3. Leave a smiling picture of you both in the backpack & wallet.

Did you pack everything?

Leave a comment if you want to know more about what to bring in your lifetime travel!



1-) How do you take shower? and how often?
I use sometimes fountains or rivers. In average once a week. Sometimes people invites me at home so I can take a shower there.
2-) How do you deal with toilet?
In the nature, you make a small hole on the ground and you can pour a bottle of water on your back to have a refreshing bidet, so you don´t even need paper.
Then I wash and disinfect my hands with alcohol.
do you use camping facilities (paid) for these things?
3-) what are some essentials for camping? (except for tent, bed)
Duct tape (black – good quality)
Cable ties (good quality, several sizes)
Snap hooks in aluminum (small x5, big 5x)
Pepper spray
Mini first aid kit, Paracetamol, Valerian; something for intestine cleaning: Cinnamon or Ventilated Active Green Clay
Cosmetics: alcohol gel, toothpaste, hand cream, deodorant
Good lighter (waterproof)
Cord (green, universal, small)
Rugged silicone phone case with stand
Download of offline area in Google maps
Compass app
4-) how do you deal with food? only long-lasting food or daily shopping or cooking etc?
I have never had a problem with food.
I carry with me only what I need for one day, then, the day after I find always something, or I fast. I either buy food at shops, take it from the trees, or I get it from people.

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