Putin’s pranks

This story is about me playing an actor, an unexpected performance.
After years of Theater playing, I am back in the show.

I mostly play for fun, because I like the crew, or because I am sharing the message of the production. I don’t really play just for money; I would not feel comfortable being acting for that promotes something which I don’t believe in.

Scaring people in the streets to prank them

I think that actors should ask themselves why and for whom they play.
If they play for their wallet, for enjoyment, or for ideals.
The more popular an actor is, the more they shall be asking themselves that question.

It’s since a while since I don’t play theater, I don’t act in front of a camera for some months. I feel that the lack of involvement in artistic performances makes my playing skills fade out.

When suddenly

I am sleeping when I get a message, it’s a Finnish friend asking me to play some pranks in Helsinki, I say ‘yes’!
He tells me that there is a good remuneration for this. I accept, and in less than two hours I am with a (fake) needle in my hands playing pranks in the city.
The candid cameras we play are about paradoxical situations, which include sex invitations, ass shaking, drugs use and questions about personal hygiene. I admit that it is quite superficial and fun.

Playing in the street
People wanking in Helsinki

Playing the whole day gave me back the pleasure to liberate myself and let someone else take control of my body.

The camera we were using had no zoom, which made the recording more challenging.
We had to play with ‘victims’ having the camera a few meters away, but still, the majority didn’t realize we were pranking them because of our distraction methods, which consisted in pretending to be TV reporters.
When the pranked ones were not paying attention, we would face the camera to them.
After the candid camera, we would of course say that it was a prank, asking themes for authorization.
After initial friction, we get a happy, collaborative feeling among the crew.

The producer is a bizarre person, seemed quite weird in the beginning, but with time, I enjoy working with him, and the time goes by fast.
It’s night, and we have some food together accompanied by jokes and some brainstorming.
I am happily looking forward to more collaborations of this kind when I discover something quite unexpected and worrying.

Putin´s involvement

I find out that those pranks we just did, were maybe produced for a media (TV and radio) which is probably involved in pro-Putin propaganda with highly dis-informative Russian governmental exaltation.
The channel that may host the show was accused of misinformation over the war in Ukraine, claiming that Crimea is a Russian territory which Russians have to protect.

Well, Putin it’s a prank himself, I can understand that he may like to show pranks in his channels.

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