How & Why – Help Ukraine against the invasion of Vladolf Putler

“You were given the choice between a defensive war and being self-fish. You chose the latter, and you will have a world-war.”

Imagine a man brutally kicking and punching a kid in the street until he bleeds from his head, would you tell the kid not to react and be peaceful so that there are no conflicts? This is what is happening in Ukraine.

While cycling from Finland to Iran, I spent months in Ukraine.
I have always been helped and welcomed by kind Ukrainian people.
All the people I have met in Ukraine, have been always open and had democratic values.
I have never met anyone that had far-right ideas, let alone Nazi people.
This post is made to give back a little of the kindness that I have got while I was in Ukraine.

Let me tell you a love story

You already know the protagonist of this story. However, her name is written at the end.

There is a beautiful woman between her ex-boyfriend and the man she wants to be with now.

After a long abusive relationship, the woman needs stability and wants to be with a better man; a more modern, serious, and reliable person.

It so turns out that the ex-boyfriend is actually one of those abusive, obsessive, possessive, and patriarchal people who can’t stand the idea of his ex being with another one.
He says it hurts his feelings and endangers his security if she leaves him.

The woman loves the new man and looks at her future with him.
Now, the new man is basically friend-zoning her for most of the time.
Only every once in a while, when he has a few drinks, he shows a bit of affection towards her, but not much.

The new boyfriend does not love her past boyfriend and has a bit of prejudice toward the woman.

She wants to be with him because she really wants to get rid of the ex as soon as possible.

But the ex has rich parents who have connections with the police and high officials.

The new man has rich parents too, but he doesn’t really want to be seen with her.

When the ex finds out that she has definitely broken up with him, he becomes paranoid and assaults her, trying to kill her.
Saying mean things about her and the new boyfriend, finding all possible lies to hide his jealousy. Accusing her of being a prostitute and him to be a pimp.

The name of the woman is UKRAINE.

How do I know that?
I have been for months in Ukraine, I lived with Russians for years.

Here are some of my blog stories about Ukraine:

On 24 February 2022, Russia dishonestly and cowardly invaded Ukraine without any justification.

Russia previously occupied Crimea in 2014, creating a puppet local government there.

Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons in exchange for guarantees in the Budapest Memorandum in 1994.

Regardless of the fact that US and UK have signed the Budapest memorandum, where they offered security for Ukraine; the EU, NATO, the USA, the UK, and the rest of the world, are not militarily supporting Ukraine with troops.

Ukraine was prevented from joining NATO in 2008 by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French premier Nicolas Sarkozy

Ukraine has to fight alone against one of the biggest imperialistic military power in the world, which happens to be also one of the most barbaric and false.

While Europe is concerned about the little increase in the gas bill, Russia is killing civilians, women, and kids; bombing them, shooting missiles, raping, torturing, looting, and running on them with tanks.

U2 – Walk on Ukraine

The good news is that we can help Ukraine from home, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1) Support the Ukrainian defense forces!

National Bank of Ukraine – Special account to support the armed forces

Cryptocurrency donations

2) Support humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Sunflower of Peace Foundation

3) Be heard! Protest in squares or online!
Write to your country, and relative institutions, that you want more support for Ukraine.

Facebook of the European Parliament

Tell the UNITED NATIONS to block Putin
United Nations Logo

The UN is probably the best institution that can impose a no-fly zone and similar military interventions without having war escalation.

Ask the INTERNATIONAL CRIME COURT to intervene asap

BOYCOTT PUTIN. Don´t buy RUSSIAN goods and use less gas

These are the top Russian brands to avoid:

  • Yango Taxi
  • Lukoil
  • Beeline
  • Aeroflot

Updated List of the non-Russian companies still doing business in Russia from Yale university.

BOYCOTT CHINESE goods & software
Stop Xi Jinping from helping Putin & spying on us

Avoiding Chinese brands will not only reduce the cruelty in China and avoid the Chinese dictatorship to help Russia in doing what Putin did to Ukraine, but it will also protect your privacy.

These are the top brands to avoid:

  • TikTok
  • UnionPay
  • Alibaba
  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi
  • Lenovo
  • Anker
  • Hisense
  • WeChat
  • Elex (videogame)
  • Alibaba
  • Gearbest
  • LightInTheBox

By avoiding Chinese products, you will not only stop feeding dictatorships and bloodthirsty tyrants, but you will also choose better-quality items.

COMMENT AND REPORT Putin’s propaganda

Putin has a huge propaganda machine.

Whenever you encounter fake news, please report it and reply to the post with facts, links, and kind tones.

Send an SMS to Russian people, explaining to them what’s going on

JOIN ANONYMOUS, in case you know some hacking

VOLUNTEER for the Ukraine Army, if you have combat experience


MORE ways to help

Putin is like a cancer. Get rid of him now, or get infected.


Putin´s propaganda

Putin’s propaganda can be extremely brainwashing.

It manages to influence even many good-hearted communists and left-wings.

Exactly like Hitler, Putin makes you question the true world and tries to project you into his false reality made of manipulation.

It seems that Russia has done an extensive work with the most various and crazy conspiracy theories:

  • The USA never went to the moon
  • The earth is flat
  • QAnon
  • Finland does not exist
  • 5G makes your organ fails
  • There is a microchip in the covid vaccine

What’s next?

It happened even that I had a personal experience with Putin’s propaganda, here is the story:

Me Cycling in Ukraine, Belarus, and in all ex-Soviet Countries of the western flank

I have cycled from Finland to Iran, spending about a year in all the ex-soviet countries at the border with Russia.
Talking to people, learning about the local culture, getting a clue of the situation.

In all ex-soviet countries, the feeling was the same: Russia harassed its neighbors and wants to impose its influence, or military power.
Russia has invaded practically all of its neighbors.

All seems clear now: Putin is no better than Stalin, Hitler, or Mussolini.

I have been for months in Ukraine, it’s one of the most peaceful countries where I have ever been to.
There were Russian-speaking locals in Ukraine, and they were always treated with respect.
Actually, what I noticed, was that Russian-speaking people were not respectful towards fellow ethnic Ukrainians.

I can confirm that claim that the Ukrainian government is Nazi is completely false.
The police in Ukraine were really friendly and professional.

I have been also near Crimea in 2016, and I have witnessed Russian war helicopters harassing passengers on a Ukrainian ferryboat going to Georgia, where I was also boarded.
Here is another of my stories about Ukraine:

Tolerance against wrongdoing creates crime, wars, and monsters


If you let someone bully you, they will bully more and more, bullying others too.

If you let a group of kids commit little crimes in the street, they will grow up, organize themselves, and create mafia.
This is how mafia works.

If you let a bunch of religious extremists thrive, they will organize, get more people, harm, and become a terroristic group.

If you let a country invade another country without internationally stopping them, more countries will invade each other.

Radio Freedom exposing Putin´s lies

“The world is dangerous not because some people do evil, but because some see it and do nothing”

Albert Einstein

It’s so ridiculous to hear Putin’s speeches.
The lies of the disgusting Russian dictator about Ukraine are nonsense.
I think about my many Ukrainian friends and I know that they are fighting to protect themselves, but they need our help now.
Many of them are in underground shelters, distressed, or had to leave their home.
I exchange messages with them daily, and it’s extremely sad and horrible what I hear from them.

Putin a psychopath, imperialistic killer, war criminal, disgusting despot, serial liar affected by USSR-megalomania and Stalin-nostalgic-syndrome.

Belarus dictator Lukashenko also joined his counterpart in Russia.
I still remember the fake Belorussian elections when I was in Minsk:
Belarus, ´Elections´ 2015. Minsk, the city of Lukashenko or Stalin?

Russian War Crimes – Tanks killing civilians,

Remember that each time a video of Russian atrocities is taken, there are maybe one hundred times more horrors happening that are not recorded.

In Ukraine, there are not many cameras, so the percentage of Putin’s bloodshed recorded is just a fraction of what they are really doing.

Russian forces are also preventing media, journalists, and people from taking any evidence.

No country helped Ukraine right away

The fact that no country helped Ukraine right away is not just a failure of humanity and kindness, but it may also encourage other dictators to follow Putin‘s example to invade smaller countries.
Not to count that, from now, on there will be a global rise in weapon equipment for all countries, because no state can be counted on for help right away, not even friendly countries.

Putin’s self-justification to invade Ukraine

Putin’s narrative about “being concerned about NATO expansion to bomb Russia” does not make any sense.

Any country decides for its alliances.

The second thing to consider is that there are already five NATO members at the border with Russia (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Norway).
So it is not true that Russia is afraid of military attacks from NATO.
NATO didn’t even intervene when Russia occupied Crimea, when Russia invaded Ukraine, or in other conflicts involving Russia.

If NATO wants, they can put already all the missiles they want on the Baltic territory, in Turkey, or in Poland.

But this IS NOT THE INTEREST nor objective of NATO.
NATO is only a DEFENSIVE system to protect democratic and peaceful countries so that countries can have smaller armies but fight together if attacked.
NATO is more a deterrent than anything else.
And it works, as we can see, Russia never attacked a NATO country; otherwise, Russia would have attacked all the Baltic already. As they did with Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine, etc.

I have never been pro NATO or pro USA.
Actually, I have been quit critic towards NATO and the USA.
I am not a all a USA lover.

Neutrality means being vulnerable to attacks or, even worse, being forced of doing whatever Russia wants and being their slave.

But now things are changing and we have to take a side.

Regardless of all the criticism that one may want to express about the USA and NATO, there are some facts:

  • Countries have to spontaneusly apply for NATO, not viceversa.
  • Before a new member joins NATO, all existing members have to agree.
    Which is a complicated, democratic, and lengthy procedure that can take decades.
  • NATO often refuses entry to interested members, to avoid conflicts. Therefore, the narrative that NATO wants to expand is wrong.
  • NATO is a DEFENSIVE alliance.
  • Even though some soldiers may have committed some errors, the modern USA or NATO never initiated any war if not against bloody dictators, for peacekeeping, humanitarian aid.
  • NATO and the USA have often rescued countries from dictatorships.
  • USA is not equal to NATO.
    Even though the USA is one of the strongest members, let’s remember that Ukraine didn’t join NATO because Germany and France didn’t want. While USA wanted it.
  • The USA has for sure more freedom of speech than Russia.
  • Neither NATO nor USA has ever claimed ownership, control, or annexation of any land where they intervened. While Moscow does it most of the time.
  • NATO GETS OVER-CRITICIZED, both for intervening, or not intervening in already existing conflicts.
  • Many afghans are asking USA army to go BACK in order to PROTECT them.
  • Any NATO member can get out of the alliance, if it wishes so.
  • Russia was almost pro-USA when Trump was ruling. How comes that Russia didn’t dislike USA then?
  • NATO did respect its contracts with allies, while Russia signed the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances for Ukraine and then violated it by invading Ukraine.
  • RUSSIA has been COLLABORATING with NATO until it was expelled because of the annexation of Crimea in 2014.
    Who knows, maybe now Russia would have been in NATO if they didn’t invade?
  • NATO does not take any political or territorial decisions.

If NATO is so bad, how comes that some many countries wants to join it?

If Russia would attack your country, would you be pro NATO or pro Russia?

If Russia and China are so good, how comes that some many countries don’t want to have relationships with them?
Counties like Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lituania, Ukraine, Georgia, Tibet, Taiwan, etc.

Personally, I have never been pro-NATO.
But now, any help against Putin counts.
To save kids and innocent people.

Putin´s lies about Nazis in Ukraine

It does not make any sense to say that Ukrainians or Zelensky are Nazis.
Zelensky is actually a Jew.

In all the months that I was in Ukraine, I have never met one right-wing person.
They were all friendly, Democratic, well-educated, and welcoming.

Actually, a REAL genocide is happening by the bloody hands of Putin´s soldiers against Ukrainians.

Family friends are getting arrested in Russia just for political and religious reasons.

I had a Russian friend in Kiev, Peter Kravchenko, he had to flee Russia because of the dictatorship.
He told me a lot about Russian propaganda and Russian fascism.
He died in Kyiv because of Putin.

Peter run away from Russia and found shelter in Kiev, where he died

In Donbass there were, and still are, these pro-Putin people that were secretly poured into the region by Putin:

  • Russian National Unity, an openly NAZI political and military movement its then leader, PAVEL GUARESCHI, was the first effective leader of the newly formed republic of Donetsk.
  • THE ORTHODOX ARMY, a clerical FASCIST militia, whose leader is the current Minister of Defense of the Republic of Donetsk, the former military architect of the operation in Crimea, and the probable culprit in the bombing of the civilian flight of Malaysian airlines in July 2014.
  • To these must be added local, Russian and international fascist groups. Like the Bulgarians of Orthodox Alba, the Serbian Chetniks, the Hungarian army of St. Stephen, the Rusich company, and all that dust of Pan-Slavism with various shades.
  • THE NATIONAL-BOLSHEVIKS, another very active military group in Donbas. Finally, it should be remembered that the only two Communists elected by the legislative assembly were expelled from Donetsk for “ideological incompatibility”.

For heaven’s sake, this does not exclude nationalist examples on the other side. Like the Azov battalion, there are little groups of Nazis almost in all countries, as there are other kinds of extremists.

Prior to Putin’s War, the Luhansk region had been de facto annexed by Russia, and they had installed an ‘administration’ run by a group of thugs, some local and the rest imported From Russia. These imports are the worst of the worst and include subsidized Russian mercenary groups.

The annexation caused a wave of Ukrainian refugees who did not want to live under the Russians. It also encouraged the formation of Ukrainian militias to oppose the Russian ones. Some of these were literally as bad as the Russians – hard-line fascists. One was the Azov group.

As the Ukrainian Army slowly established control over the frontline, the government was faced with the decision – of what to do with the right-wing militias fighting against the Russians. It was decided to incorporate those groups into the official military on the principle that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

So Yes, there is a small number of openly fascist units fighting in the east. Their philosophy is repellent to most Ukrainians, but they are fighting and dying for Ukraine.

Putin’s Friends

Countries that didn’t condemn Putin’s terrorism:


North Korea

List of RUSSIANS INVASIONS, occupations, annexations, and wars. Starting from 1900

1- Russian invasion of Manchuria, 1900

2- Russian occupation of Tabriz, 1911

3- Russian invasion of East Prussia (1914)

4- Soviet–Ukrainian War (1917–1920)

5- Red Army invasion of Georgia, 1921

6- August Uprising, 1924

7- Urtatagai conflict, 1925

8- Sino-Soviet conflict, 1929

9- Red Army invasion of Afghanistan, 1930

10- Second Red Army intervention in Afghanistan, 1930

11- Chechen uprising, 1932

12- Soviet-Japanese border conflicts, 1932

13- Islamic rebellion in Xinjiang, 1937

14- Soviet invasion of Finland – Winter War, 1939.

15- Soviet invasion of Poland, 1939

16- Soviet invasion of Estonia, 1940.

17- Soviet invasion of Latvia 1940.

18- Soviet invasion of Lithuania 1940.

19- Soviet occupation of Bessarabia and Northen Bukovina, 1940

20- World war 2 invasions, 1941

21- Soviet invasion of Iran (1941–1946)

22- Guerrilla war in the baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lituania), 1944

23- Guerrilla war in Ukraine, 1944

24- Conflict with the anti-communist resistance in Poland, 1944

25- Soviet invasion of Hungary 1944

26- Soviet invasion of Romania 1944

27- Soviet invasion of Bulgaria 1944

28- Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia 1944

29- Soviet invasion of Northern Norway (1944–1946)

30- Soviet Japanese War, 1945

31- Soviet invasion of Bornholm, Denmark (1945–1946)

32- Soviet invasion of Germany (1945)

33- Soviet invasion of Austria (1945–1955)

34- Soviet invasion of Manchuria (1945–1946)

35- Soviet invasion of Korea (1945–1948)

36- Soviet invasion of Kuril Islands (1945)

37- First Indochina war, 1946

38- Korean war, 1950

39- East German Uprising, 1953

40- Soviet invasion during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956

41- Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia (1968–1989)

42- Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968

43- Zhenbao Island Incident, 1969

44- War of attrition, 1969

45- Eritrean war of independence, 1974

46- Angolan Civil War, 1975

47- Ethio-Somali War, 1977

48- Soviet-Afghan War, 1979-1989

49- Georgian Civil war, 1991

50- War in Abkhazia, 1991

51- Transnistira War, 1992

52- East Prigorodny conflict, 1992

53- Tajikistani Civil War, 1992

54- First Chechen War, 1994-1997

55- War of Dagestan, 1999

56- Second Chechen War, 1999-2000

57- Russian attack in Georgian territory, 2008

58- Insurgency in the north Caucasus, 2009

59- Russian occupation of Crimea, Donbass, and Lugansk, Ukraine, 2014

60- Russian military intervention in Syria 2015

61- Central African Republic civil war, 2018

62- Russian invasion of Ukraine, 2022

63- ????

*there may be even other conflicts started by Russia which are not listed.

“Why die for Danzig?” became “why die for Kyiv?“.

Expression pronounced when NAZI GERMANY occupied the Polish city while the WEST CONSCIOUSNESS FEARING about Hitler’s aggression, instead of stopping it immediately, chose the path of ‘peace’.
To avoid war with Hitler, paradoxically, they created World War II with sixty million dead.

Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances, 1994

“Ukraine was promised security in exchange for giving up it’s nuclear weapons”

5 December 1994

 United States
 United Kingdom


“Between 1994 and 1996, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons. Until then, Ukraine had the world’s third-largest nuclear weapons stockpile

The memorandum included security assurances against threats or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine”

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant.

Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor and poet

Ukraine NEVER promised not to join NATO

Saying that Ukraine promised not to join NATO is Putin’s propaganda and not true.

Actually, Ukraine was even about to drop the thought of joining NATO, until Russia invaded Crimea in 2014.

“The only formal agreement signed between NATO countries and the USSR, before its breakup in December 1991, was the Treaty of Final Settlement with Respect to Germany. The promises made specifically related to Germany, and the territory of the former GDR, which were on the deployment of non-German NATO forces into Eastern Germany and the deployment of nuclear weapons – and these promises have been kept.”

For those saying “nobody cared for other conflicts”

We should be happy that the world mobilizes with the victims, and of course, people DO care about other conflicts.

I did care about other conflicts, are you sure that you did it too? 

If one cared about other conflicts, especially when Russia committed war crimes and occupied territories, they should be the ones who care the most about Ukraine. 


*democratic world.

1) Ukraine is being bombed by the biggest imperialistic military power in the world, which was their brother country until a short ago.

2) Putin threatened the world of using nuclear and chemical weapons.

3) Zelensky is showing bravery, trustworthiness, and has great leadership.

4) The attacked county has been peaceful before being occupied in 2014.

5) What Putin did to Ukraine, equals only what Hitler did to Poland.

6) In Europe, we never thought to have war again on the continent, we all believed it would never happen.

7) Many people have been to Ukraine and know how kind Ukrainians are.

8) Ukrainians living around the world give a good image of themselves.

9) The conflict in Ukraine started just now. When something is new, there is more attention from the media.

10) It has never been so clear who is the aggressor and who is the victim.

11) Ukraine was promised military protection in the Budapest Memorandum, which has been not respected.

12) There is a huge amount of reporting and video evidence since Ukrainians are in a democracy and there is no censorship of their videos.

13) This has been the biggest state-against-state attack since World War II.

Why people are NOT SO MUCH SENSITIVE Anymore about WARS in the MIDDLE-EAST, Africa, etc.?

1) There have been often wars in the regions in question.

2) People got used to it.

3) People may find it strange that neighboring countries don’t intervene to help and fix the problem.

4) It’s far away from democratic countries.

5) Wars often happen in dictatorships, where people are scared of fighting their dictator.

6) It is sometimes hard to understand who is right and who is wrong when the war is far away and the politics in that country is messed up.

7) Not many people from democratic countries have been in the regions where the conflicts took place.

8) Asia, Africa, and America don’t unite their countries within the continents to help each other.

9) About the Middle East, Fundamentalism and international terrorism are thoughts that come to mind. In Africa and Asia, there are huge problems with corruption and dictatorships.

10) The west gets blamed both for intervening and for not intervening militarily.

11) Reports and videos are being censored and controlled by dictators.


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  1. You’ve succinctly stated the situations, on behalf of those afraid to call for de-escalation and demilitarized the situations, I urged all sundry to lay credence to the fact that women, children and aged people are definitely gonna be victims of this war, please, enough of the bloodshed. Thank you Lucas Giltile for the bravery.

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