How to carry anything on a bicycle. Photos of crazy bike-carrying hacks.

“Give me a lever long enough…
and I shall move the world.”


Our dear Archimedes was right, and I get his point every time I jump on a bike.

Inspirations about what you can carry on a normal bike, cargo bike, or any kind of bicycle.

Side bags are extremely useful.

A bicycle with side bags is the best Dumpster diving friend! @ Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s just a question of how you load the bike.

Another day of food rescuing @ Copenhagen, Denmark

The front basket can help a lot too.

No car for Ikea furniture? No problem! @ Copenhagen, Denmark

A trailer can carry kids, or packages!

Several large packages from Amazon on a trailer with an ebike @ Helsinki, Finland

Elastics are vital.

After some purchases at a second hand shop @ Helsinki, Finland

Heavy packages to pick up? You can even use a lock as an elastic.

Carrying four packages @ Copenhagen, Denmark

You just need to have some fantasy.

Bicycle loaded with boxes and an extra wheel @Helsinki, Finland
A trolley holding on the back rack of a bicycle @Helsinki, Finland

Need to move to a new home?

Suitcase, boxes, and bags on a bike @ Helsinki, Finland
Two mattresses carried on the back rack of a bike @ Helsinki, Finland
Three bags, one helmet, a praying machine, a box, and two full side bags. @ Helsinki, Finland

Cargo bikes – Bakfiets

I had to buy a dishwasher and I didn’t have a car. I had to ride 10 km.

Carrying a dishwasher on a cargo bike @ Ghent, Belgium

10 km later, I am at home happy with my new (second hand) dishwasher!

Arrived at home with the dishwasher on a cargo bike @ Ghent, Belgium

If you have got a trailer, you can carry much more stuff.

After Food Sharing day @ Copenhagen, Denmark

Leftovers from building works?
I asked my neighbor, she said that this stuff would not fit in her station wagon.

A bakfiets loaded with building material @ Ghent, Belgium
Cargo bike crazy loaded with trash @ Ghent, Belgium

The cargo bike can carry it all!

Bringing leftover building material to the recycling center @ Ghent, Belgium
A friend having fun carrying stuff on the cargo bike @ Ghent, Belgium

Do you need to sell your old stuff?

Insane mount of secondhand items on a cargo bike @ Ghent, Belgium
Cargo bike loaded inside an industrial building @ Ghent, Belgium

A cargo bike helps!

Going to sell my old stuff in a Flea Market, walking like in a swing dance @ Ghent, Belgium
Early morning trip to the flea market @Ghent, Belgum

A bicycle can carry much more than you have ever thought.

You just need to be creative, smart, and open to your two wheeled companion.


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