Shocking discovery: Uncovering the Covid-19 vaccine’s secrets in Helsinki, Finland. Is it linked with 5G, Adrenochrome, and Bill Gates? Photo story.

Did Bill Gates plan to get us vaccinated in order to kill all the world’s population and control us with the 5G?
Let’s discover it in this story.

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on

Right after the vaccine, I had some pain in the arm and a little headache.
The symptoms lasted for a few days.

Almost a week after, I still didn’t manage to switch on and off any of my organs through the 5G of my phone.

Being scared of vaccines is a bit like being scared of airplanes.

Whenever there is an airplane crash, all the media report it as a disaster and public opinion gets scared. But people forget that cars accidents kill about 1.35 million individuals per year.
Same for vaccines. If there is a rare severe case of side effect from vaccination, it makes headlines worldwide. Then we forget about the millions of deaths due to the covid virus.

Bottom line

Getting vaccinated was easy, fast, and safe.
Bill Gates, 5G, adrenochrome, and the devil, are not involved with it.
The only side effects I had were a mild headache and a moderate pain in the arm, for a few days.
Several people that I knew died of Covid-19. Therefore, I think that getting vaccinated was the right choice.

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